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The main effects

The depression created by the candle in the ear canal stimulates the secretion of cerumen and the heat produced by the candle has an emollient action that accelerates its evacuation, which opens the pores of the ear canal and eliminates the earwax.

The heat combined with the crackling of the flame gives you a feeling of well-being and plunges you into a state of relaxation. It allows the vitalization of acupuncture points and reflex zones. You immediately feel a sensation of lightness in the head and ears. The results are sustainable.



The candles are delivered with a small bag containing 40 round cotton filters that you must insert inside the candle. This filter prevents the beeswax combustion residue from falling into your ear. An explanation video is accessible from the home page of this site.


We always treat both ears. The person lies on his side. Orient the head so that the orifice of the ear is in front of the candle, which must be held upright, between the fingers after having introduced it into the hole of the cardboard circle. We light the end of the candle and apply the other end to the canal of the ear, without pushing it, the cardboard circle rests on the ear. The candle is extinguished by immersing it in a bowl of water, when the flame is 3 or 4 centimeters from the cardboard circle. Never treat when there is a draft.

Light the hopi ear candle
Place the protective cardboard
Setting up the ear candle
Usage tips
  • To revitalize: treatment is required every 6-8 weeks.

  • Acute cases: treatment up to 3 times daily

  • Chronic cases: 2 applications per week, for 2 weeks, then once a week until healing

Against Indications


  • It is recommended not to perform treatment in the following cases:

  • Allergy to a component of the candle

  • Perforation of the eardrum

  • Presence of trans-tympanic drain

  • Presence of hearing implant

  • Absorption of alcohol or narcotics

  • Never treat alone (risk of burns)

  • Never treat when there is a draft!

  • Do not treat children under 12 months

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